Programme for 2023

   Jan 7th Kevin Hutson

   Feb 4th CLUB

   Mar 4th Darren Breeze

   Apr 1st Ed Oliver

   May 6th Jason Breach

   Jun 3rd Rick Dobney

   July 1st CLUB

   Aug 5th Mick Hanbury

   Sep 2nd Emma Cook

   Oct 7th Gary Rance

   Nov 4th Stewart Furini

   Dec 2nd CLUB


The Club meets at Dunkirk Village Hall on the first Saturday in the month. On  "CLUB" meeting Saturdays members demonstrate and share techniques. Invited professional turners  demonstrate on the remaining Saturdays of the year.

We also have a meeting between 7p.m. and

9 p.m. on the Tuesday, 10 days after the Saturday Meeting. On these evenings there is a varied programme. There is an opportunity for members to turn on the five Club lathes, or a member will share techniques.

Want to Find out More?

Contact Martin Gomme

Mobile 07812634356


Entries for the Easter egg competition May. Item 5,  by Bob Edom, won the competition, very closely followed by item 6 by Martin Gomme.

Items of interst May

Tuesday evening Demo 16th May

"Tonight Paul Yandell will attempt, without the aid of a safety net, to turn a natural bark edged form. Come and be amused as he tries to prevent the bark edge become just an...edge. Even more exciting, it will only be 5cm not the usual 50cm diameter."

The above is Paul's version of what might happen