The club  provides a place for those with an interest in this fascinating hobby to meet on a regular basis and share experiences,

to see professionals at work and learn from other like minded turners of varying skills .

We meet at The Dunkirk Village Hall on the 1st Sat of the Month then Tuesday evening ten days later.

See About us Page for  times & details, go to the Programme of  Events page to see up and coming events

Have a look around the website , most of all  please enjoy your visit.

Come along to a meeting - You'll be pleasantly surprised at how much you enjoy yourself


Forthcoming Events

    To the Garden of England Woodturning club

          the club was founded in  1999

Do you enjoy working with wood

then our club may be for you

 Welcome to the Garden of England

Wood Turners.


Hi, we have just had a thought provoking Saturday professional demonstration, by Steve Heeley. Without doubt, he is an accomplished turner. As part of his demonstration he also showed us texturing and colouring leaving us all in no doubt as to his preferred colour pallet.  It must be very challenging to stand in front of a room full of turners, all of whom have there very fixed views on how items should look,  but most times cheerfulness and good grace can get you through the day.  Thank you Steve for some lovely turning.


The next Hands on Night will see a demonstration by none other than our Chairman Iain Sutherland. Iain will be turning paperweight hedgehogs. Always a consummate professional it is bound to be entertaining and engaging,  so come along and give him your support, and try your hand afterwards.

Well that's all for now  keep up the good work and Makin Shavins  

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The Association of Woodturners of Great Britain

      The Garden of England Woodturners

                  associated club of the  



 Tuesday 15th May

Club hands on night will feature Bob Edom

showing us all how  texturing and pyrography can enhance our woodturning


 Saturday 02nd June

Come and participate in the welcome return of

The professional woodturner Les Thorne.     




Saturday 05th May

Come and be entertained and amazed with a Professional demonstration  by Colin Way





Tuesday  17th April

Club Hands On Night .

Come along and watch our own Chairman Iain Sutherland  create Hedgehog paperweights.

Updated 8th April