Awards For Club Year 2018 to 2019

Most Improved Woodturner

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A difficult catagory to assess as it is dependant on a club member bringing in their work from an early stage ofjoining the club.

This year the winner set out as a novice woodturner and had success in the competition. He has shown from early pieces shown at the competition table a growth in confidence, creative ability and overall skill level to now producing some fine examples of work.

I am please to award the Most Improved Woodturners Cup to Derek Wheeler.

Dunkirk Cup

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This award is difficult to describe in terms of the awarding criteria.

It is that piece as judged by the committee that has created interest, quality of finish, unusual technique and a general wow factor. The turner in question is a very inventive and imaginative turner. His attention to detail is always impressive.

I am pleased to award the Dunkirk Cup to Brian Bailey for his rocking chair.

Best Display in Show

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Display of produce is an art, and one that people have to work at by trying different ideas.

Setting out your wares not only to be attractive to the buying public, but to inform them about the item is a skill. With attractive and informative labels, a display of varying heights and clever lighting made this years winner stand out at the show.

Not for the first time the Display Award goes to Gordon Duxbury.

Best Piece in Show

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I took on the task of wandering around the show listening to peoples views and trying to gauge interest from the public in certain pieces. I was delighted to see items from my hands on night demonstrations including Brian Baileys adaption of the hedgehog into a pencil stand and tape measure. My favourite was as in last year a set of items which were some simple small vessels but enhanced with pyrography and piercings.

The items in question were made by Martin Gomme who recieves the Best Piece in Show Cup this year.

Service to the Club Award

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Very often service to the club goes un-noticed by members..

It is often the simple things that ensure the club enjoys it's meeting days. Volunteers are often hard to find but these two will step up every time manpower is required. Without them the external project would not have succeeded.

I am pleased this year to give the Service to the Club Award to two people and they are Ron and David Tibble.

Novice Competition Chairman's Cup

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We call this the novice competition but i think we can all agree that the work produced is of a very high standard.

The pieces show interesting forms and skills. I would highly commend this competition to all members not yet ready for the senior competition. It has been great to see recent members entering this competition. In third place was Fred Long and in second place was Len Coombes

In fist place our most improved woodturner is Derek Wheeler.

Enhanced Competition

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There has been much discussion on "What is the definition of Enhancement".

The winner this year has produced work which exemplifies the true meaning of the competition. Every month there has been very competitive entries from two club members, both have shown outstanding design and attention to form and quality. In third place was Bob Edom, in second place with a very close finish was Derek Lane.

In first place the winner this year is Des Beale.

Chairmans Sheild

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Another hard faught competition with some outstanding entries exemplifying how th level of work produced in the club has risen over the years.

The work entered is the result of many hours in the workshop. It is not always a story of success, i know one member of the club was producing a peice for the woodturners guild competition and just at the end of production a small piece broke off making all his hard work for nothing. The standard was so high that a repair would not have allowed the piece to go in. Back to this years winner and i am sure that if you have been watching the scores on the website you will allready know that in third place was Paul Yandell, and insecond place was Des Beale.

The recipient of the award for the 2018 season is for the third time Trevor Fackrell.